A Guide to Under-Floor Heating

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What is Under-Floor heating?

Under floor heaters can be installed underneath almost any type of floor: wood, tile, laminate, concrete etc. They can be used as a way of taking the chill off the floor, as an extra heating device, or as a primary heating source to warm up the whole house.

Why use under-floor heating?

There are a number of benefits to using electric under-floor heating, these include;

  • It is very simple to use and install.
  • It heats rooms up very quickly.
  • It is much cheaper and much quicker to install when compared to a gas fired wet system.
  • It can be more than 50% cheaper to install than other heating options.
  • It requires little maintenance.
  • It is more energy efficient than other heating options.
  • It is more controllable and therefore more comfortable.
  • It is invisible to the eye.
  • It will not take up any wall space.
  • It reduces dust circulation.

What is an Electric Under-Floor Heating Mat?

The backings of these mats maintain the cables at the pre-set spacing. This allows for even distribution of heat. Cables are stuck to the mats, which in turn stick to the floor. These mats can easily be cut in order to fit rooms of all shapes or to fit around objects.

Our Range of Electric Under-Floor Heating mats:

We supply mats in 100W, 150W and 250W. These all come in a wide variety of sizes.

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What is an in-screed heating cable?

A heating cable is an alternative to an under-floor heating mat. It comprises of a twin element resistance wire, coated with aluminium foil and tinned copper. In-screed heating cables are designed for screed floors in new-builds, refurbishments projects and conservatories.

Our Range In-Screed Heating Cables:

We supply cables in a large assortment of sizes.

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What is an under-floor heating controller?

A controller allows for easy and controllable temperature settings. The controller can be programmed to turn the heating on/off at certain points. It has a thermostat to ensure a controlled and level temperature. Energy consumption is controlled by this thermostat therefore allowing for maximum energy efficiency.

Our Range of Under-Floor Heating Controllers:

Title: 16 amp Fully Programmable Stat Manufacturer: MyHeat Product Code: MH3000 Price: £66.00

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Where would I use under-floor heating?

Electric under-floor heaters can be used anywhere. Some people have electric under-floor heating fitted throughout the house or some have it only in certain rooms.

How do I maintain under-floor heating?

Under floor heating does not need any maintenance or any regular servicing and normally comes with a very long guarantee – if not life-long! Therefore it will save you maintenance/repair costs as well.

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