Electric Heating Guide

AllAboutElectrics stock a wide range of electric heaters – for a variety of different uses. We supply: Heating Controls, Convector & Panel Heaters, Fan Heaters, Focal Point Fires, Hand Dryers, Infra Red Heaters, Towel Rails and Electric Under-floor Heating Systems.

All from leading brands including; Glen Dimplex, Horstmann, Centaurplus, Eterna and CP Electronics. This sustainable, affordable source of room heating has a number of benefits including:

Electric heating is sustainable
It generally has lower set up costs
It is versatile – it does not involve design planning and is useful for home extensions where the existing heating system does not quite cater for the new extension
It is safe – as electric heating does not burn fuel internally – there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. Furthermore, there are no radiators to leak or burst.
Electric heaters are 100% energy efficient.
Annual running costs of electric heating are far less than then average running costs of gas.

Types of Heaters

There are a wide range of electrical heaters to suit a multitude of applications such as; domestic room heating, bathroom heating, outdoor and commercial heating.

Heating Controls

A heating control is what is used to control the amount of heat output. Providing improved control and ease of use.

Where / why would I use a heating control?

A heating control can be used in any household situation. It is used to control the amount of heat throughout the house and can be set so that the heating comes on and turns off at particular times.

Our Range of Heating Controls:

Centaurplus Single Channel 24hr Time Clock
Horstmann 2 Channel Day Timer
CP Electronics High Output Run Back Timer
Drayton Room Thermostat
Electronic Boost Control

Convector & Panel Heaters

A convector heater works by circulating air through the appliance, across its heating element. The heating element warms the air, which then rises and is replaced by cooler air which then goes through the same process. Convector heaters are much quieter than fan heaters. A panel heater is a silent and efficient heater which can be connected to the wall and can be networked to other panel heaters around the house. Panel heaters are a good choice for asthma sufferers as they don’t blow dust around unlike fan heaters sometimes do.

Where would I use a convector or panel heater?

A convector and / or panel heater can be used anywhere inside where heating is needed or just where a little extra bit of warmth is required, for example in a living room or a bedroom.

Our Range of Convector and Panel Heaters:

Frost Watcher Heater
Dimplex 1500W Panel Radiator
Dimplex 2000W Wall Mounted Panel Radiator
Dimplex 3000W Panel Heater
Dimplex 750W Panel Radiator

Fan Heaters

A fan heater works in a similar way to a convector heater, whereby it circulates the air over its heating element in order to heat the air up. However, as the fan heater has the extra help of a fan, it works quicker and can distribute the heat more evenly.

Where would I use a fan heater?

A fan heater is plugged into an electrical socket. It can be used in most situations except it should not be used somewhere where there is a likelihood of it getting wet or in humid conditions due to the risk of electric shocks.

Our Range of Fan Heaters:

2.4KW Plinth Heater
Dimplex 2KW Bathroom Downflow

Focal Point Fires

Focal point fires are gas fires which can be lit very quickly and very easily. Focal point fires come in all sorts of designs to suit your house and style.

Where would I use a focal point fire?

Most people tend to use focal point fires in living rooms as they are a permanent, non-portable heater. They are usually nicely designed and can work as an aesthetic accessory as well as a heater.

Our Range of Focal Point Fires:

Dimplex Brayford Electric Fire
Dimplex Cheriton Freestanding Focal Point Fire

Halogen Heaters

A halogen heater works by using halogen elements to provide heat. Halogen heaters come in an assortment of sizes and are portable. They are plugged into a normal electric wall socket.

Where would I use a halogen heater?

A halogen heater can be used anywhere in the house (apart from in a bathroom due to the risk of electric shock) It is safe to use one in the living room, kitchen, hall, bedroom, garage, conservatory etc.

Hand dryers

Hand dryers are generally used in public washrooms and are used to dry hands by expelling warm air.

Where would I use a hand dryer?

Hand dryers are commonly used in public washrooms. They are much more environmentally friendly than paper towels.

Our Range of Hand Dryers:

Warner Howard 1600W Airstream Hand Dryer

Vortice Contract Auto Hand Dryer


Infra Red Heaters

An infra red heater uses a shield to direct heat through electromagnetic radiation onto a heated surface. Infra red heaters are very safe and very fast at heating up localised areas.

Where would I use an infra red heater?

Infra red heaters are generally used outside on patios or terraces but can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, work areas etc.

Our Range of Infra Red Heaters:

Dimplex 1.2KW Infra Red Heater
BNTHERMIC 1500W Infrared Lamp

Heated Towel Rails

A heated towel rail is a heated rail normally erected in a bathroom which is used for hanging towels on. Heated towel rails provide heating for the room as well as a way of drying towels. Some people prefer not to have radiators or other heaters in the bathroom/room as a heated towel rail is sufficient to maintain an appropriate temperature in the room.

Where would I use a heated towel rail?

Normally, heated towel rails are used in bathrooms. However they can be used in bedrooms too.

Some Of Our Range of Heated Towel Rails:

Dimplex 175W Daytona Towel Rail
Steel Ladder Towel Rail
95W Chrome Towel Rail

Tubular Heaters

Tubular Heaters are resistance heaters and are a very efficient way to heat small spaces. The heaters are low wattage and are idea for use as background heat - for frost protection or as window de-misters. These heaters do not dry the air unlike some such as convection heaters or radiant heaters. They provide low-cost heating and are designed with safety and reliability in mind. Safety features include, a splash-proof coating and a thermal overload cut-out protection.

Where would I use a tubular heater?

Tubular heaters are suitable for use in damp and humid conditions in places such as garages, greenhouses and drying rooms. They are used both commercially and domestically. They are commonly used in caravans, yachts, workshops and garages.

Electric Under-floor Heaters

What is an electric under-floor heater? This kind of heater can be installed under the floor, either as a way to take the chill off a cold floor or to be used as a primary heating source to warm up rooms.

Where would I use electric under-floor heaters?

Electric under-floor heaters can be used anywhere. Some people have electric under-floor heating fitted throughout the house.

Our Range of Electric Under-floor Heaters:

100W Electric Under Floor Heating Mats
150W Electric Under Floor Heating Mats
200W Electric Under Floor Heating Mats
In-screed Heating Cable
Under-floor Heating Controllers

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