Typical Background Sound Pressure levels

Throughout the AllAboutElectrics.co.uk website, we specify the background noise levels of our products in a form of a dB(A) rating. This is often difficult to judge regarding the suitability in an installed enviroment and to assist, we have listed below some rough examples of typical background noise levels to provide a point comparison in the decibel rating.

 dB (Weighted)  Similar Sound
 0  Threshold of Audiobility(Acute Hearing)
 20  Soft Whisper at 1.5 metres
 30  Empty church auditorium
 35  Unoccupied private residents
 40  Libary/ Museum
 45  Quiet private office
 50  Hotel Resteraunt - quiet speech at close proximity
 55  Drapers Shop
 60  General Office
 65  Occupied Resteraunt with average attendance
 70  Merchandised Office
 75  Factory Noise - Assembly Work
 80  Factory Machine Shop
 85  Underground train
 90  Engine room (noisy)
 95  Aircraft cabin
 100  Ship siren at 30 metres
 110  Boiler Plate Construction Shop
 120  Aircraft take off at 30 metres
 130  Threshold of pain