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Aico mains EI168RC mains Radio Relay base. Interconnecting mains powered smoke alarms is essential to provide the earliest possible warning of a fire. Fire statistics show that the quicker occupants are alerted to a fire, the less risk of death or injury there is. Furthermore, property damage is also reduced. But hard wired interconnection is expensive, time consuming and disruptive. A hard wired system is also difficult and expensive to reconfigure when circumstances (or standards) change.

RadioLINK is the solution.

With RadioLINK, mains powered smoke alarms are interconnected by wireless signals rather than cabling. It's so much simpler, more convenient - and easier to change or extend as and when required. The use of radio interconnection in Grade D alarm systems means that it is now much easier to comply with the extended alarm coverage recommended in BS 5839: Pt.6: 2004. With no interconnect wiring required, the contractor and specifier can agree fixed costs - allowing a quicker, simpler and more cost effective solution to smoke and heat alarm installation.

At the heart of the RadioLINK system are the Ei168RC base units, which are fully compatible with any Ei160RC alarm. It is from here that radio signals are transmitted and received. An Ei168RC base is required for all alarms in the system.
• Mains powered with rechargeable 10 year+ lithium cell back-up
• Radio transceiver 868.499 MHz
• Unique Easi-fit design with integral terminal block
• Simple and secure house coding system
• Interference free

Technical Information

Product Code EI168RC
Short Description Aico radio linked relay base, designed for wireless interconnection
Manufacturer Aico
Dimensions 0
Range Radiolink
Weight 0.0000