LED source lighting is without doubt the biggest breakthrough in lighting since the invention of the standard light bulb. It has many advantages over incadecent lights in terms of running costs and longevity.

As with all new technologies the choices and pace of development can be bewildering to the uninitiated. Here at Allaboutelectrics we are dedicated to bring you the best performing products with known reliability and performance at the most competitive prices.

Our LED products are carefully selected to ensure you get the right product at the right price point. Although prices are falling as the technology matures it can represent a significant investment so you must choose wisely, the cheapest options seldom perform the best over the long term. Here are just some of the reasons why we highly reccomend the JCC FGLED6 range of downlighters:


LEDs have a very long life whilst at the same time providing excellent levels of brightness. However it's important to ensure that they don’t overheat, as this can effect their performance as well as life expectancy. Effective removal of heat from the LEDs is crucial to ensuring that the fitting performs correctly and as stated. So exactly how do LED fittings get rid of this heat?

A large heat sink is critical to cooling the LEDs as it is this increased surface area that allows heat to disperse effectively. To function correctly the heat sink must be clear of dust as this will reduce it's effectiveness. The only way to provide guaranteed performance for the life of the fitting is to enclose the heat sink, ensuring its' protection.

The design of FGLED™ integrates the electronic controls in the driver housing on top of the steel can. This delivers an extremely robust and solid structure. Raising the driver above the air vent on top of the 'can', allows heat to flow directly from inside the steel can to the void surrounding the fitting without allowing any dust to enter and contaminate the heat sink. 

This design also ensures that when insulation is laid over the top of the fitting a large air pocket is created, rather like a duvet being lifted up from your bed. This space provides controlled air flow around the fitting and increases the surface area for heat to be convected away.

The best fire-rated downlights use intumescent material (which expands in the event of a fire) to seal the gap that the downlight creates in the plasterboard ceiling.

Some fire-rated downlights use a single seal around their bezel, with an open heat sink. FGLED™ products not only provide protection around the bezel, but also have a second patented intumescent seal which is fitted around the air vent on top of the fire proof can. This seal closes if a fire occurs and ensures that the fire doesn’t get around the sides of the fitting.

FGLED™ comes with our industry leading 10 year domestic or 5 year commercial extended warranties. We have rigorously tested thousands of our FGLED™ fittings to ensure that they perform as promised and allow you to install with confidence. 

Designing all this technology into FGLED6™ also means that its not just safe for 30 minutes, the minimum requirement, but also for 60 and 90 minute ceiling protection. You can’t feel more confident than that!